HGV crushes cyclist at busy junction

London has had more than its fair share of nasty cycling accidents involving HGV’s this year.  Unfortunately there is one more to add to the list this week after a cyclist was dismounted and then dragged under the wheels of a cement truck.

The accident happened in South London at a busy junction at around 8.30 am during rush hour and according to witnesses the male rider was hit, dragged for several metres and then left trapped under the front wheels of the cement truck.

Due to the serious nature of the accident and the cyclists injuries, an air ambulance was called to take him to a London hospital.  He was reported to have sustained a serious leg injury but was lucky to be alive.

One witness told a local newspaper, the Standard: “This is a disaster waiting to happen. When I saw the aftermath, I thought ‘oh no, not again’.

“The person was trapped under the front left hand side of the lorry.

“There were plenty of people trying to help.” 

A Lambeth Cyclists spokesperson said: “This kind of collision is all too common – around 70 per cent of serious cycle collisions happen at junctions.

“We need urgent action to make London’s junctions safer for all cyclists and pedestrians.”

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We sent multiple resources including an ambulance crew and London’s Air Ambulance to the scene. 

“We treated a patient at the scene for a leg injury and took them as a priority to a hospital in South London with the doctor from the air ambulance on board.”


This is yet more concerning news as this year there have been seven out of the eight cyclist deaths on London’s roads which involved HGV’s.

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