Cycling organisations support re-routing of cyclepath


The London Cycling Campaign (LCC), amongst other cycling groups, has supported concerns raised by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)about the proposed route of the North-South cyclepath / superhighway which is planned to go directly passed the RNIB’s HQ.

The obvious concern is that the RNIB’s head quarters are visited by thousands of blind people every year and they would be put in danger if they had to navigate a cycle superhighway everytime they had to visit the organisation. They are also concerned about replacing useful signalised crossings with zebra crossings which are more difficult to navigate as a blind person.

The LCC support the RNIB’s concerns and the Chief Exec said: “We want to create a safe environment for all road users including the visually impaired. We would be delighted to work with RNIB so future cycling infrastructure programs support their needs better, and will be suggesting joint education campaigns to improve safety and accessibility for both groups.”

The hope is that the cycle super highway is re-routed away from Judd Street in Farringdon and planned for an alternative route but not to back streets which may cause more problems.

Another cycling organisation, Wheels for Wellbeing , commented: “This highlights the importance of talking with all groups that are impacted by new developments. I’m shocked the RNIB were not properly consulted over the equality impact assessment. Judd Street needs a solution that works for everyone.”

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