Cycle superhighway plagued by joggers

Cyclists and cycle groups have complained about the use of new cycle superhighway on Victoria Embankment.  The new highway, according to numerous cycling forums, has been inundated with joggers who are using it as their own personal running track forcing cyclists to be ultra-vigilant and feel like they are cycling on a pavement.

The new segregated cycle path, which has cost millions to build, was designed specifically for cyclists to provide a safe transit through inner London and encourage more people to commute via bike and reduce congestion and pollution.

The reality is that joggers are using the path in large numbers forcing cyclists to swerve out of the way and actually discouraging them from using the path.

One cyclist wrote: “The numbers along there made me feel it was dangerous and we’re going to be seeing an increase in number of collisions between cyclist and joggers. 

“Most had personal stereos so calling out your approach from behind/using a bell wasn’t heard.

“It made me feel like I was cycling along the pavement. God knows what it’s going to be like in the summer when all the fair weather runners emerge.”

A spokesperson for TfL said: “London’s cycle superhighways are dedicated routes to encourage even more people to take up cycling.  

“The overwhelming majority of joggers stick to using the pavements.”

He added: “We cannot ‘ban’ pedestrians from entering the cycle superhighways. And once they are fully open, the volumes of cyclists on them will mean there is little or no attraction for joggers in using them.”


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