Complaints against bus drivers highlighted by Freedom of Information request

A Freedom of Information request, submitted by the Evening Standard to the TfL, found that cyclists were involved in 25 of around 250 incidents that were the subject of complaints made by the public during a two-week period last August.

The publication reviewed the information given and found some interesting information regarding complaints against public transport operators.  In one complaint, a number 45 bus hit a cyclist because the driver was apparently distracted by a female pedestrian, with the complainant saying: “He was concentrating on her so much that he didn’t see a cyclist and hit them.”

Another complaint recorded how a passenger saw the driver of a number 53 bus “overtake a cyclist causing her to be forced off the road and have to throw herself off the bike to ensure she did not get hit.”

However TfL said that the number of complaints received each year – between 4,000 and 5,000 – needed to be put into the context of the 2.4 billion passenger trips made by bus in the capital each year.

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