Bystanders lift double decker off injured unicyclist

The accident happened during rush hour on a busy London road.  Witnesses heard a bang and thought that someone had let off a shot gun but it was in fact the sound of a cyclist being knocked down by a big double decker bus.

The collision happened just before 6pm and the uni-cyclist was left trapped under the bus with serious injuries.

Without little prompting, a crowd of up to 100 bystanders from passengers of the bus itself, nearby cafes, shops and pedestrian commuters rushed to the bus and tried to free the injured uni-cyclist from under it.

One witness said:

“Everyone really came together to help – it was really nice to see that in the face of something so awful.”

Another witness to the incident commented:

 “All of a sudden we saw people leaving their chairs at Turtle Bay and Pizza Express and running towards the road. We saw people actually coming out of the bus as well. Everybody was shouting and screaming.

“Then all of the people tried to somehow move the bus a little bit.”

The crowd successfully freed the cyclist and he was rushed to Hospital where his injuries are thought to be serious.

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