Are the roads of our Capital safe? 23,000 cycle accidents in five years

Between 2009 and 2013 there were 22,988 road accidents in London, 80 of which led to deaths.  In 2015 there have already been four cyclist deaths in London, all involving lorries, with the most recent being last week when a mother- of-two died whilst cycling in Victoria. Pressure is mounting to make the Capital a safer place for cyclists.

The areas which seem to be where the most incidents have occurred are: Elephant and Castle roundabout in south London, this was the worst accident blackspot in the last 5 years with 80 accidents involving cyclists. The second highest number of accidents was in Central London’s Trafalgar Square with 46 recorded between 2009 and 2013.

This issue is becoming more pressing and high profile as accidents continue to become more frequent on our London roads. Scotland Yard has responded by the reintroduction of its highway safety operation due to a 300% increase in fatalities on our roads.

Transport for London is another organisation which recognises that something needs to be done and quickly. As a result, they are investing nearly £1bn in upgrading existing cycle superhighways along with new segregated cycle routes and backstreet routes to improve segregation.  The London Mayor’s office also announced in March this year that they are planning to restore the capitals roads taking into account cycle lanes at roundabouts to give a new road layout. 

There are also plans for 600 officers to be deployed at 166 junctions in the London area during morning and evening rush hour traffic for six weeks. These officers will target road users who are committing traffic offences so we can get to the route of the problem.

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