Tour de France 2014 boosts cycling fever

It’s that time of year when we are blessed with a small window of opportunity to go out cycling in the sunshine!  

The 2014 Tour de France has kicked off in earnest and we are gripped in the midst of a cycling frenzy.   It has been reported that more than one million cycling enthusiasts have lined the route to watch this infamous test of strength and stamina and to hold their breaths as the peloton passes by in a blink of an eye.  Even the young royals; William, Harry and Kate have deemed it popular enough to attend the Grand Depart and crowds are expected to swell to enormous numbers as the peloton gets closer to London. 

Yes, cycling fever has well and truly gripped the UK and there are numerous cycling events going on around the country taking advantage of this surge in interest and celebrating the joy of two wheels including local bike rides, cycling festivals and charity events. Many people will be inspired to get back on their bikes this summer and so it is important to remember some key safety advice:

  • Ensure your bike is the correct size for you or your child (both feet flat on the ground when sat on the saddle).
  • Ensure your tyres are properly inflated, have good tread on them and are clear of any grease or diesel.
  • Ensure both your brakes are working correctly.
  • Ensure your helmet is not damaged and is the correct size for your head.
  • Ensure you wear high visibility clothing for daytime and evening rides.
  • Ensure you choose routes that are suitable for cycling and not heavy with traffic or potholes/poor road surface.
  • Ensure you have a mobile phone in case you or someone else gets into trouble and needs help.
  • Ensure you are cycling proficient!  The governments ‘Bikeability’ programme do courses to educate cyclists on how to use the roads safely, ie look out for dangers, indicate to other vehicles of your intentions to turn left or right etc.

It is recommended that you should get your bike serviced at your local bike shop (sometimes a free service depending on retailer) and ensure you wear suitable cycling gear.  July is the time for pulling on a short-sleeved jersey, working the Tour rider’s tan, and expressing your inner cyclist. 

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