The Tour of Britain is here in Macclesfield and we can’t get enough of it

For all of us here at Cycleassist, today is a special day as the Tour of Britain is coming to our home town of Macclesfield.  For any cycling enthusiast, the Tour of Britain is a real high point on the cycling calendar and we are so excited to have the opportunity to experience it first hand.  A chance for us mere mortals to watch the awesomeness of our cycling gods whizz past.  The sound of the crowds as the Peloton approaches, the sudden buzz as it passes and the gust of air from their mighty slipstream as they disappear off into the distance. It is breath-taking to watch and a fantastic event for spectators, cycling enthusiasts to be part of.

Post Rio, there is a plethora of cycling heroes, from numerous countries, who are gracing us with their presence (all be it for a second, during the sprints) and, true to form, the great British public are out there to welcome and support come rain, wind or shine, to cheer on the riders through often excruciating climbs and nail biting sprints.

Stage 3 will see the Peloton begin at Tatton Park in Knutsford, travel through Congleton, Crewe, Sandbach, Middlewich, Knutsford, Macclesfield and finally ending back in Knutsford at the finish line.  They will pass through some of the most impressive countryside that Cheshire has to offer including one of the most challenging and longest climbs, ‘The Cat and Fiddle’ which will definitely sort the men from the boys!

On this fine day for cycling, there are thousands of eager spectators lining the route, some leaning up against the hoardings ready to catch a glimpse of their heroes and cheer them on to victory.  The feel good factor from the Rio Olympics has left us all enthused and excited for sporting success in our country, particularly after the success of Team GBs cycling team.

The positivity and community spirit that the Tour of Britain generates in our Cheshire towns will help keep cycle safety on the political agenda as it inspires more people to start cycling and swells the number of cyclist on the roads.  It is also a good reminder to other road users about the importance of respecting all road users and to remember that cycling is a valuable mode of transport.

Another positive aspect of the Cycling Tour of Britain is that it has a positive impact on the local economy, whereby local business can take advantage of the influx of spectators from around the UK and the world.  Here in Macclesfield, we are just enjoying the buzz of the Tour and delighted to be surrounded by loads of bikes and cycling enthusiasts who have the same passion for cycling as we do.