London Drivers Fuming After Cycling Event

London motorists were left fuming this week when a cycling event caused gridlock across the city center and in parts of Surrey.

The London to Surrey event, which was a test run for an Olympic Cycling Road Race, caused chaos for drivers following the closure of 1400 roads in the London and Surrey area.

It now feared that other Olympic road events such as a triathlon and a marathon will cause even more disruption unless Transport for London can tighten up its organisation.

They said: “We did not see major traffic disruption, but we recognise the event caused difficulties for some. There will be lessons to be learned from the test event, which is exactly what this event has been about.”

However motorists were left fuming when short journeys taking usually a few minutes, took up to 2hrs. 

Areas affected included Westminster, Chelsea, Fulham, Kingston and more.

London 2012 director of sport, Debbie Jevans said: “I want to thank London and Surrey residents for changing their normal Sunday to accommodate this race and to the tens of thousands who lined the route to support the athletes.”