Bike Week billed as biggest cycling event in the UK

Organisers are hoping that this years Bike Week, 14-22nd June, will be the biggest and most successful to date.

There is something for everyone from commuters to families and young children.

The various events around the UK will see over ½ million people get on their bikes and raise awareness of cycling as a sport, a means of transport and a way to improve your health whilst helping the environment.

Traffic congestion and vehicle pollution are still high on the governments list of priorities and they have been investing more in cycling infrastructure in the cities to encourage commuters to use cycling as an alternative, cleaner and healthier, form of transport.

The success of our cycling team in the Olympics 2012 saw a huge surge in popularity of cycling with people getting back on their bikes and Bike Weeks aims to keep this momentum going and encourage more people to try cycling, to rediscover how much fun it can be and also make people aware how cycling really can be a viable way of getting to work or the shops.

There are a number of national cycling events including:

•Bike to School Day on Wednesday 18 June

•Bike to Work Day on Friday 20 June

Bike Week aims to highlight how cycling is brilliant for your fitness and can take years of your ‘fitness age’ through strengthening your heart, increasing lung capacity and building muscle.  Cycling is an excellent way to get fit, its a cheap form of transport compared to buses, cars and trains and it is also carbon emission free so it benefits the environment.

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