Road potholes continue to cause problems for road users

Potholes continue to be a big cause of concern for vulnerable road users and can be extremely dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists alike.  However, with budgets being squeezed on Council resources, we are seeing the condition of road surfaces continue to deteriorate to unacceptable standards.  The state of the country’s roads are deteriorating, with 2014 being particularly bad for cyclists’ injuries and deaths with 53 incidents recorded and 46 cyclists killed or injured in 2015 due to unsafe road surfaces.  We have yet to receive last years figures for cycling incidents involving road surfaces.

Previous data for 3 previous years (2010 to 2013) show an average of 40 cycling incidents recorded per year due to poor road surfaces.  The fact that numbers of road surface related accidents is increasing indicates worsening conditions of roads.

A Cycling UK spokesperson commented: “Defective road surfaces are particularly worrying for our most vulnerable road users,

“While the number of KSIs (killed and seriously injured) due to defective road surfacing for 2015 was thankfully down from 2014, the overall trend is on the up, and very worrying.

“With a pothole problem that is estimated will cost £14billion to fix, the Government’s commitment of £6billion is a bit like using a sticking plaster to fix a broken leg.

“Defective road surfaces are particularly worrying for our most vulnerable road users, as it is trips to the hospital they potentially face.”

There are claims that Councils are choosing cheaper options by filling individual holes rather than resurfacing the whole road and also response to reports of road surface issues are not being dealt with quickly enough risking road user safety.  If a Local Authority has not taken reasonable steps to initiate assessments and repairs for ‘dangerous’ potholes or other surface damage to highways and someone is injured as a result, then the Council could be deemed negligent in breach of its duty of care.


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