Pothole causes cyclist to lose front teeth.

A cyclist was left with nasty cuts and bruises and no front teeth following an accident on his way to work.

The incident happened after he hit a pothole on a public street and was sent flying into the road. The impact of the fall knocked out all his front teeth.

The victim said “I was just lucky that there wasn’t a car coming otherwise it could have been much worse. Someone else might not be so lucky.  The cyclist got his injuries looked at by Herts and Essex Hospital and had to take a few days off work as a result of the accident.

A divisional manager for Herts County Council contractor Ringway, said: “The pothole in question was reported to Ringway on January 15 and was scheduled for temporary repair on the morning of January 17 before a permanent repair could take place which is standard practice.

“Unfortunately, the incident with the cyclist took place in the early hours of January 17. We carried out a repair later that morning as per our schedule.

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