Pot hole dismounts bike safety campaigner

A well known bike safety campaigner says his helmet saved him from a potential head injury when his bike hit a pothole.

The campaigner was unable to attend a charity event when he became a victim of a cycle accident after coming off his bike after hitting a pot hole.  He was assessed by ambulance staff who then took him to A&E for further treatment.  He sustained cuts and bruises, but luckily no head injury, which he claims is down to him wearing a helmet.

He said: “I am not able to attend tonight because of that cycle injury, but I’m able to talk to you today because I wore a helmet.”

The man became an active campaigner for bike safety after his 17 year old son was left in a coma after coming off his bike following a collision with a van, 15 months ago.  His son was not wearing a helmet at the time and feels strongly that a helmet may have prevented the brain injury.  Since the accident, the bike safety campaigner has been visiting schools and giving educational talks. 

Helmets are so important for cycle safety and at Cycleassist we encourage all cyclist to wear helmets to reduce the risk of a serious head injury.  If you or a loved one have been in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault then you need to contact our specialist cycle accident solicitors to get specialist advice and to see if you are entitled to compensation for any pain or distress you may have received.  Contact us now on 01625 506 655 to discuss your circumstances.