Mother of Olympic cyclist injured in road traffic collision with car

A female cyclist has been hit by a car, side on, and been dismounted as she road her bike on a busy road.  The woman, who is the mother of a world championship gold medal winner cyclist and Olympic silver medal winner, was injured in the crash and is now in hospital following her cycling accident.

The accident happened at approximately 12.15pm when the cyclist was out cycling.  A car is alleged to have hit her side on and thrown the cyclist to the ground, damaging the bike.

A Police spokesperson reported: “The female cyclist was taken to hospital to be treated for her injuries, which were not thought to be life-threatening.”

Emergency services responded promptly and took the cyclist to hospital with a suspected fractured pelvis and bruised lung.  Her famous daughter tweeted,” PLEASE think once, think twice, think BIKE!!!!”

Cycling accidents can be devastating to both the cyclist and their families.  An injured cyclist can often be left dazed and confused after an accident.  If you are unfortunate to be involved in an accident then it is important to try and get witnesses to give you their details, if they saw what happened and contact the Police immediately. It is also important to call an ambulance if you are injured or received a blow to the head, to get yourself checked over for injuries that may not be immediately obvious.  The adrenaline rush from being involved in an accident often masks serious injuries and cyclists are sometimes unaware, at first, of how injured they are.

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