Key contributing factors to accidents

In collisions involving a bicycle and another vehicle, Police records show that the most common key contributory factor is ‘failed to look properly’ by either the driver or rider.  

‘Failed to look properly’ was attributed by 57% of car drivers and 43% of cyclists at serious collisions at junctions.

The second most common contributory factor, 20% of serious collisions, was ‘cyclist entering the road from the pavement’ which included pedestrian crossings (over one third of serious collisions involved child cyclists).

Other factors attributed to drivers are ‘poor turn/manoeuvre’ and ‘careless driving which both account for 17% of serious accidents.  There are more obvious factors such as alcoholism, speeding and driving too fast in bad conditions which contribute to serious injuries.

Cars or taxis are the most common vehicle involved in collisions with the most common injury caused by being hit by the front of the vehicle. In 25% of fatal cyclist accidents, the cyclist was struck from behind.

HGVs, whilst involved in less collisions UK wide, they are responsible for 20% of the fatalities in London which is often as a result of an HGV turning left into the path of a cyclist.  Other large vehicles such as coaches and buses cause 25% of serious injuries by driving too close to the rider and dismounting them.

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