Hit and run – It’s a crime not to stop

A cyclist was thrown from his bike after being struck by a hit-and-run motorist. Police are searching for the driver of a green hatchback car after a man was hit as he cycled down a busy A road.

The collision took place at a junction at about 11am but the motorist did not stop and continued on their journey.  Another vehicle did stop and the driver did check on the cyclist, who suffered minor injuries.  Police are now urging the driver of the car to come forward. 

A Police spokesperson said: “I am keen to speak to the driver of the green hatchback car or anyone who saw the collision. I would also urge the person who stopped to check on the cyclist to contact me.”

Hit and run is not as uncommon as you think!  Cyclists are knocked or nudged off their bikes at junctions or in slow moving traffic and some drivers either don’t realise the collision took place or that the cyclist looks fine so they think they don’t need to stop.

The reality is that it’s a crime not to stop at the scene of an accident, no matter how minor you perceive the incident to be.  A cyclist can be in shock or in a state of confusion following a collision and may not be aware of any damage to themselves or their bike.  Some head injuries don’t present themselves straight away and people look fine but deteriorate rapidly later.  It is important that you stop in a safe place, check on the cyclist and phone an ambulance to have them checked over for concussion or other injuries.

If you have been knocked off your bike then don’t always assume that you are fine.  You can’t always feel the pain when you are in shock and any injuries you may have suffered my only become apparent an hour or so after the incident.  Always take the details of the person involved in the accident and ask witnesses to the accident to get you medical attention.

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