HGV claims another cyclist

As yet another poor cyclist becomes a victim of a collision with an HGV, questions are being asked about how to change this regular occurrence.

Statistically, Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) pose a significantly higher risk to cyclists and other vulnerable road users than any other type of vehicle.

The sheer size, weight and limited visibility of these vehicles means that there is an increased chance for pedestrians and 2 wheeled vehicles.   In London, HGVs were involved in 53% of cycling fatalities in 2011 despite making up just 4% of the traffic.   More concerning is that cyclists involved in collisions with HGVs are 78 times more likely to be killed than those hit by a car according to a study by Transport for London (TfL).

The recent accident in Ludlow happened on an A road at 7am in the morning.  Emergency services attended the scene promptly and the cyclist was taken to hospital for treatment. A Police spokesperson said the cyclist’s injuries were serious but not life threatening.

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