Cyclist unable to work after cycle accident leaves her with a spinal injury

A woman has been telling the local press about her terrifying experience after she was knocked off her bike and suffered a spinal injury.

The 28 year old woman who works as a nurse at a hospital, was knocked off her bike during rush hour as she cycled to work.  She was in a cycle lane and was knocked off her bike when a red Nissan Micra turned left to go down a side road and drove across her path and caused her to crash and hit the road hard, breaking her back.

She claimed, “I was approaching the junction with the traffic lights on green. I was in the cycle lane when the car turned left and drove into me.

“I tried to swerve to the left out of the way but I collided with the right hand side of the car, fell and landed on my back.

The driver of the car and a driver of another vehicle stopped to help her and called for assistance.  At first the cyclist thought she was ok and stood up and walked a short distance home, not realising how badly injured she was.

She said: “The van driver kindly helped me up but then left because I seemed OK. I didn’t realise at the time that I was injured. I was in complete shock.

“I walked home and then went to A&E when I realised I was in an extreme amount of pain.

“I had some X-rays on my back and it confirmed that I had a fracture. I have been off work for three weeks recovering and don’t yet know when I’ll be able to return.

“I won’t be cycling to work again. It has scared me. It has completely changed my thoughts on cycling. I have been cycling to work in London for six years and I had always enjoyed it.”

The cyclist must now wear a back brace for three weeks and will need ongoing treatment and physio for her spinal injury.

Following an accident, a cyclist is often left dazed and confused after an accident and it is important to try and get witnesses to give you their details if they saw what happened and contact the Police immediately. If you or a loved one has been involved in a road traffic accident and you believe the fault is with the other road user then call us now on 01625 506 672 for an informal chat with one of our specialist cycle accident solicitors.

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