Cyclist training for charity cycle ride dismounted by hit and run

A cyclist who was on a training exercise was clipped by a black BMW car wing mirror which then drove off leaving the cyclist with nasty road burns to his arms and legs.  The incident happened on a rural road at approximately 11am when the car nudged the rider off his bike as he passed at speed on the narrow road.

The cyclist was forced into the verge and then came back into the road before falling onto the road sustaining graze injuries. The cyclist was unable to identify the vehicle that hit him but was able to still cycle home as the bike was not too badly damaged.

He said: “I am training for a 100 mile bike ride.

“I was just going along the ………when I heard a car behind me. The next thing I know, it is coming past me and it clipped me with its wing mirror.

“It threw me into the verge and then back out again on to the road. I was very lucky there was nothing behind me at the time or coming in the other direction. I was wearing my cycling clothing and also had a flashing light on the back of my bike. There was no way the driver couldn’t see me.

“I have a big scrape down my arm and another on my thigh.

“My hand is also cut up. I hit the road with my right hand side and that is where the damage is from.”

The cyclist was training to raise money for the Royal British Legion in memory of his father.  Local Police are asking for anyone who knows anything to come forward as they are treating it as a hit and run incident.

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