Cyclist to sue retail giant for alleged faulty bike

A young man is suing Halfords for £1m compensation following an accident which left him badly disfigured.

 The man, who was only 19 at the time of the incident, suffered life changing injuries to his face after the steering tube of his Saracen bike snapped causing him to fall and hit his head on a metal pole supporting a crash barrier.

The bike, a Saracen Raw 2 mountain bike, had been purchased less than a year before the accident and had been assembled, inspected and serviced by Halfords staff.  No faults were detected at this time and the victim was led to believe the bike was perfectly safe.

An investigation following the accident revealed that the bike had a faulty steering tube which broke in two causing the rider to lurch forward and fall on to the crash barrier.  The man, who is now 24, is suing Halfords for up to £1 million compensation for selling a ‘defective bike’ and being responsible for his life changing injuries.

The company denies liability and claims the steering tube must have been weakened as a result of a previous unreported accident or excessive use at some point before the crash.

The High Court hearing continues.

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