Cyclist suffers serious facial injury after hitting pothole

A cyclist was taken to hospital with disfiguring facial injuries after his bike hit a pothole and flipped over sending him face first onto the tarmac.

 As a result of the accident his front teeth punctured his lips and he lost a large amount of facial skin and skin from his arms and legs.

The hole that caused the accident has since been filled in however large craters still exist on other parts of the road.  The council who are responsible for maintenance of the highways responded to criticisms about the state of the roads:

 “Our £100 m Project Horizon programme is overhauling hundreds of miles of roads most in need of improvement and despite ongoing design issues …… resurfacing work is scheduled to begin in early March 2015.”

Campaigns and communications coordinator for the national cycling charity CTC said that potholes have fatal implications for cyclists and can lead to life-changing injuries.

“Ultimately, whilst we want potholes to be filled, what would be much better would be to have regular planned maintenance.

“Fixing a pothole is a sticking plaster solution,” 

 “We do think that long-term strategic thinking with planned road maintenance is much better than short term solutions,” 

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