Cyclist seriously injured on a roundabout during rush hour.

A cyclist has been taken to hospital after being involved in a road traffic accident with another vehicle on a busy roundabout.  The cycle accident happened at approximately 8.45 in the morning and roads had to be closed to allow emergency services to treat the cyclist on the roadside for serious injuries.

The cyclist is reported to be male and 36 years old.  His injuries are thought to be serious.  The other driver of the Ford Fiesta, a 56 year old woman, was shaken and although unhurt, she was taken to hospital for further tests.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the accident to come forward and help establish how the accident occurred and whether anyone was at fault.  The cyclist remains in a serious condition.

Cycling accidents can be devastating to both the cyclist and their families.  An injured cyclist can often be left dazed and confused after an accident.  If you are unfortunate to be involved in an accident then it is important to try and get witnesses to give you their details, if they saw what happened and contact the Police immediately. It is also important to call an ambulance if you are injured or received a blow to the head, to get yourself checked over for injuries that may not be immediately obvious.  The adrenaline rush from being involved in an accident often masks serious injuries and cyclists are sometimes unaware, at first, of how injured they are.

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