Cyclist in road accident seeks kind pedestrian who tried to help

Often the stories about cycling are fairly depressing, involving accidents and injuries, but this story is a bit different, it is about a woman who was involved in an accident and was injured but now she is ok, she wishes to find the pedestrian who tried to help her.

The 42-year-old woman had a collision with a car in a city centre and was left dazed, confused immediately after the incident.  A witness rushed over to help her but received some choice words from the cyclist as confusion turned into anger as she realised how stupid the driver had been and how they could have really hurt her.

Now the cyclist wants to find the person who wanted nothing more than to check she was ok.  She has a broken finger and severe bruising but wants to apologies and thank the person who was trying to help.

She said: “I was coming home and was knocked clean off my bike across the road. I don’t know whether the car was pulling out or the driver opened her door but I was in the cycle lane.

“I was screaming at the driver, as I was really shaken up and shocked by it, and I was swearing which is just not me at all.

“Then a bystander came across the street from the other pavement, a woman, and was trying to see if I was alright.

“I don’t remember seeing her, just hearing her voice in the background, but I was in floods of tears and shocked and I didn’t know what was going on.

“Because I had to pick my son up I just walked off but I heard her shouting ‘just tell me you’re alright’ as I walked away.”

“It’s not like me to swear like that and the lady took the time to try and help me,” she continued. “I would just like to say thank you – and sorry.

“She was a very, very nice lady and a Good Samaritan and you don’t find them very often.”

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