Cyclist protected by pedestrians after accident at notorious accident black spot

A cyclist was knocked unconscious from his bike at a well-known accident hot spot in London, leaving him lying on the road surrounded by moving traffic.  Witnesses to the cycle accident bravely walked into the road risking their own lives to form a protective shield around the injured man.

The accident happened during a busy evening rush hour and occurred just metres away from the spot where there was a cycle fatality in 2015.

The cyclist was thrown from his bike and suffered head and facial injuries.  He was thought to be in a critical condition at the roadside but has been reassessed in hospital where he is being treated for facial injuries and is lucky the outcome was not more serious.

The accident was witnessed by numerous bystanders who apparently ventured onto the busy road in order to stop the traffic and protect the injured cyclist.

According to The Standard, witnesses said:

“I looked around and saw the cyclist flying off his bike out of the corner of my eye. There was this gasp from the crowd then silence.

“People were standing in the road to protect his body from other cars. We were too scared to move him.

“One lady held his hand the whole time and was asking him loads of questions to keep him conscious but he couldn’t respond.

“That junction is always manic. I was there just after that poor lady was killed. Since then I have been so careful crossing.

“I’m surprised there haven’t been more accidents there, there are so many big construction trucks coming through around rush hour – it has to change.”

Another commuter said: “He was flat on his back, but seemed to be conscious. He was just a few metres from where someone was killed last year at the same junction.

“Having five roads meeting at a single junction is a bad idea. Couple that with awful signposts, lights, and pedestrians all over the place and you just feel it’s going to keep happening.”

The driver involved in the collision stopped at the scene to assist.

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