Cyclist left injured on the roadside waiting for ambulance

A woman cyclist in her 60’s was knocked off her bike in a London borough and left sitting on the road side for over 90 minutes waiting for medical attention.

Police arrived at the accident site just before 9am to secure the accident site and check on the cyclist.  They gave her a blanket to keep her warm and called the paramedics.

Shockingly she remained on the roadside for over an hour and a half before an ambulance arrived.  She was extremely fortunate that she did not have a more serious injury like a head or internal injury.

The Boroughs Councillor tweeted: “Horrified that a cyclist was left in the middle of the road in central Teddington this morning for over an hour before the ambulance arrived.”

The London Ambulance Service issued an apology.  According to the ambulance crews, they were dispatched to the scene but they were diverted twice to more serious patients as she was conscious, breathing and alert.

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