Cyclist knocked down by hit and run

Police are appealing to witnesses of an accident whereby a 55 year old man was knocked off his bike by a car which then proceeded to drive off without stopping.

The Police are appealing to anyone who witnessed the accident and also the driver of the car to contact them to discuss the accident.

The cyclist was riding his bike at around 9.15am, just after rush hour, when it is thought a black car overtook him and then turned sharply off the road cutting in front of the cyclist, causing him to brake suddenly.  It is not known whether the cyclist collided with the car at this stage or skidded and fell as a result of braking suddenly.

The cyclist sustained an injury to his back, as a result of the accident, and was taken to Hospital where he received treatment but was later discharged.

Police want to speak to the driver who failed to stop at accident but state that there is a possibility the driver of the vehicle might not even be aware of what happened to the cyclist.

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