Cyclist injured in pot hole accident

Cyclists are being reminded of the dangers of potholes especially as visibility worsens in the winter months.  A man recently suffered a broken wrist when he hit a pot hole at speed causing him to be dismounted from his bike.

His wife believes he was lucky he didn’t suffer worse injuries.  She said her husband was cycling along at around 5.30 am when he hit the pot hole causing him to collide into a bollard.  

She said: “It’s not easy, as he isn’t able to dress himself at the moment, and things have been quite a struggle.

“We reported the pot hole ….. as we really don’t want to see this happening to anyone else. I’m not sure how long he’s going to be off work for. I just hope it gets sorted quickly to prevent other cyclists being injured.”

A spokesperson for Highways said: “We received a report of a pothole ….. It has been assessed by an inspection engineer and logged for repair as part of our planned maintenance programme.”

The 37 year old man suffered further injuries to his elbow and has been signed off work for two weeks.


Potholes are a source of great annoyance for cyclists and can be extremely dangerous if travelling at speed or in busy traffic.  Councils have a duty to ensure road surfaces are safe for ALL road users to use.

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