Cyclist hospitalised after being knocked down at junction

A cyclist has been rushed to hospital after crash between bike and car at a busy junction at around 4.20pm. 

Emergency services responded including an air ambulance, paramedics and Police.  The cyclist was treated at the roadside and then taken to the nearest hospital where they received further treatment.

The cyclist’s injuries are not thought to be life threatening and the motorist was not injured.

The road was closed whilst crash investigation took place but was reopened after a few hours.

As the weather improves and we all get back on our bikes and enjoy the roads, it is essential that cyclists remain vigilant at all times.  This is particularly important when waiting at a junction on the highway.  More cycle accidents happen at junctions than at any other place on the roads.  Whether its people misjudging speeds, not indicating or not looking properly, these are hot spots for cycle accidents and extra vigilance is essential.


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