Cyclist dismounted by car in supermarket car park

Sadly a cyclist has been hit and dismounted in a busy car park and the cause of the accident is not yet known. A male cyclist has been badly hurt after being knocked off his bike by a car outside a busy well known supermarket. There were reports that a large black 4 wheel drive was involved in the incident.

Witnesses rushed to the cyclists aid and found him unconscious but breathing with a head injury and badly broken leg.

Emergency services attended the scene promptly and paramedics tended to the cyclist at the roadside. His vital signs were checked and it was clear he had sustained a head injury. Witnesses state that he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.   He was taken quickly to the nearest Hospital for further treatment but the extent of his injuries are not known at this time.

Car parks are notoriously dangerous places.  With cars reversing, parking and turning, pedestrians walking or rushing by weighed down with shopping bags, they are to be navigated with care. Cyclists in particular need to take care in this accident prone area.

The main reason for cycle and car road collisions is lack of visibility, the driver simply not seeing the cyclist or being aware that they were there when they maneuvered. Bumps and minor collisions are common in busy public car parks but when it is between a car and a cyclist or pedestrian then the damage can be far worse than a dented bumper.

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