Cyclist and pedestrian collide leaving cyclist seriously injured.

A female cyclist has been airlifted to hospital after her bike collided with a pedestrian. The pedestrian received some bruising but unfortunately due to speed the cyclist was travelling at the time, she was dismounted and sustained serious injuries.

The accident happened at around 4.50 pm on a busy road and the cyclist, who is thought to be in her 30s, was attended to on the roadside by paramedics before an air ambulance was summoned to take her quickly to the nearest trauma unit.

Police are requesting information from witnesses to the accident to find out who was at fault.

Pedestrian and cycle accidents are thankfully quite rare but they do happen and sometimes the pedestrian is worse off and sometimes its the cyclist who is badly injured. In each case it is important to recognise who was travelling responsibly and who was looking carefully at their surroundings whilst travelling.

If a pedestrian steps out into a road without looking carefully, leaving a cyclist no where to go accept into the line of traffic or onto the pavement/into a ditch, then the fault may be the pedestrians but if a cyclist is using a pavement and travelling at speed and hits someone stepping out of their doorway or a shop then the fault may be the cyclists.

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