Woman claims ‘Cycle helmets saved my daughter and ex-husband’s lives’ after cycle accident

A WOMAN whose husband survived a cycle accident in 1991 and whose daughter’s life was recently  saved by a cycle helmet in a hideous accident in Singapore  has backed a local campaign to get more people wearing helmets.

The mother of the 30 year old woman badly injured in a cycle accident, says her daughter surgeons attribute her survival to the fact that she was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

“She was very, very badly injured. She had a swelling on her brain and a small bleed.

“Her helmet was crushed and the doctors felt her whole body could not have taken much more.

“When we arrived at the hospital we were told there was a chance she was brain damaged or paralysed.

“They said the helmet probably saved her from what would have been huge brain damage.”

She is supporting the Be Bike Safe campaign to raise awareness of the importance of road safety for cyclists and has already had experience of this when her husband was also involved in a road traffic accident back in the early 90’s:

She said: “A similar thing happened to my ex-husband in St Giles in late 1991 when he was hit head on.

“He had quite bad concussion and they said there was no question he would have been dead or brain damaged without a helmet.

“He broke his arm very badly, he had a plate in his arm and he was cut up quite badly.

“I think wearing a helmet should be the law.”

“I know so many people who have had accidents on bikes.

“You cannot plan for accidents and that is why it is just like wearing a seatbelt, you have it to protect you in the event that something goes wrong.

“It is something I feel very strongly about.”


Cycling accidents can be devastating.  A cyclist is often left dazed and confused after an accident and it is important to try and get witnesses to give you their details if they saw what happened and contact the Police immediately. If you or a loved one has been involved in a road traffic accident and you believe the fault is with the other road user then call us now on 01625 506 672 for an informal chat with one of our specialist cycle accident solicitors.

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