Cheltenham Experts Warn Over Cycling Visibility

Experts in Cheltenham have called for cyclists to make themselves more visible to cars when traveling around the town centre.

The advice comes only a few weeks after a 17-year-old boy told motorists to be more aware of cyclists after he was involved in a collision.

Figures in the industry are backing the teenager who caught the footage of the accident on camera but say its a two way deal.

Mr Mallows from Cycle Cheltenham said: “It was sad to hear of Charlie’s collision and we’re glad he’s on the mend.

“Thankfully he hasn’t been put off cycling and others shouldn’t be discouraged, either. Cycling is relatively safe, with health benefits and convenience easily outweighing any downside.

“Even so, steps can be taken.

“Bike lights are essential at this time of year and people need to cycle where they can be easily seen, not hugging the gutter as many unwittingly do.

Local driving instructor Nick Clark who has been a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists for over 30 years also voiced his concerns over the matter:

“Whether you’re a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian, we all need to be aware of other road users.”


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