Cardiff cyclists told to slow down

Cyclists in Cardiff who use a major cycling route have been told to slow down following years of continued complaints.

taff trail cardiffCyclists in Cardiff who use a major cycling route have been told to slow down after years of continued complaints.

Various community groups have reported that pedestrians have been knocked over and dogs hit on the Taff Trail which is popular with walkers as well as cyclists.

A code of conduct is now set to be enforced along the route after years of controversy and debate.

Stephanie Wilkins, chair of Llandaff North Resident’s Association commented on the recent discussions:

“Just recently an elderly gentleman was knocked over by a cyclist and my sister’s dog was run over a few years ago,” she said.

“I think commuter time is the worst and I know a lot of people don’t use the path then because of the speed cyclists go at. I think some of them have a point to prove – they time themselves going from point A to B and just speed along.

However she also explained that the cyclists are not always to blame:

“Sometimes the cyclist isn’t at fault, for example when a dog runs out at it. So we shouldn’t lay all the blame on the cyclist. Everyone has a responsibility to use the path sensibly.”

The code of conduct will be rolled out by the council over the next few weeks, and signs erected to raise awareness.

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