Boris Johnson plays Samaritan for fellow cyclist

Boris Johnson has again come to the aid of the general public while out on his travels.

Two years ago Boris chased thieves on his bike to stop a woman from being mugged in Camden. Now Johnson has come to the aid of a fellow cyclist who was knocked over after a minicab driver opened his car door in the cyclists path.

The incident happened last week, as Boris was riding back to City Hall following a meeting in the West End.

Mr Johnson called an ambulance and remained with the accident victim until it arrived, talking to him to keep him awake.

An eye witness reported: “He [Boris] was shaking him gently to stop him from passing out. A guy brought him a glass of water and was saying, ‘don’t worry, you are being looked after by the Mayor of London’. The cyclist said his name was Richard and he was on his way to visit a friend.”

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