Autumn brings fresh challenges to cycle safety

The 1st of October signifies the beginning of autumn and all the extra risks on the roads that this brings.  Cyclists should take stock of their 2 wheels and ready themselves for tougher cycling conditions.  Please find a basic checklist to keep you safe in the months ahead:

Bike MOT:  If you are fairly handy yourself then give your bike a good once over checking the brakes, tyres, reflectors and ensure it’s all safe and in good condition.  If you are not comfortable getting oil everywhere then book your bike in to your local bike shop that will check everything for a small cost.

Be Seen: As the nights draw in and mornings get misty and murky then visibility is key to safe cycling. Don’t scrimp on your lights, get the strongest you can afford, make sure your reflectors are clean and consider investing in some high vis. clothing.

Be Sensible: Choose your route well – As the weather gets worse and road conditions deteriorate, there will be increased risks such as hitting potholes, hitting road debris, skidding on ice or diesel and experiencing strong gusts of wind.  Any of these factors can result in you being dismounted at speed and lead to serious injury particularly on busy roads.  

Make allowances for the increased dangers out there by either planning your route away from risks, reducing your speed, changing the time you ride and in extreme conditions consider alternative transport.  You shouldn’t have to pack away your bike just yet if you respect the dangers and adjust your cycling accordingly.