Had a Cycling Accident in Bristol?

The popularity of cycling in Bristol has increased dramatically in recent years and as a result local councils are doing more to encourage the population to choose two wheels instead of four. 

This sudden increase has largely been thanks to the range of routes that are available throughout Bristol. These give riders of all abilities an easy and safe way to get used to cycling in urban areas. 

However, as more cyclists venture away from the designated paths and on to the busy roads, there is more chance of a cycling accident occurring. 

The roads are dangerous places for cyclists but fortunately if you have an accident there is help at hand. 

Cycling solicitors such as ourselves may be able to help you claim cycling accident compensation for any accident that wasn’t your fault. 

If you have had a crash in the last three years and you feel that it wasn’t your fault, there is a still time to claim. Call us today for a free no-obligation assessment on 01625 506 672