The Cycling Accident Claim Process

At CycleAssist, our specialist knowledge and experience means that we have a proven process set up that ensures claimants receive the best cycling accident advice possible. Here is an outline of how it works: When a cyclist is involved in an accident the first step is for them to contact CycleAssist’s dedicated team.

They will immediately receive free practical advice on their potential claim, regardless of fault and our fully qualified professionals can also assist with road inspections where necessary.

The claimant will have a dedicated solicitor who will work on that case from start to finish ensuring continuity and support at all stages of the claim.

Areas that will be included within a claim include the following:

  • As part of the claim process CycleAssist will secure bicycle repair costs or a replacement bicycle of equivalent specification, whichever is applicable.
  • We can also arrange for an engineer to inspect the bicycle and equipment if necessary.
  • At the same time any replacement equipment such as clothing, helmets and other accessories will also be secured.
  • The claimant’s solicitor will recover damages for personal injury, pain, suffering and loss of amenity and instruct medical experts where necessary.
  • Any losses including loss of earnings, travel expenses, prescription charges and other specialist treatment costs such as physiotherapy or osteopathy will also be recovered.

Further Entitlements

Other entitlements may include loss of use and enjoyment of the bike for the period you were unable to use the bike due to the accident.

In addition an award for Care and Assistance provided by friends/family for the duration of the injury will be claimed as well as assistance with modifications to the home that may be required if the injury causes long term disability.

Our specialist solicitors are trained to a high standard allowing them to deal with all aspects of a claim and achieve the best possible settlement for the claimant in the shortest possible time.

They are also friendly and approachable and will always speak in plain English and will not baffle with legal jargon. We have included 2 case studies to demonstrate how the process works in differing situations.

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