Crash test professor saved by cycling helmet

A Nottingham professor has claimed that his cycling helmet saved his life after he was involved in an “ultimate ironic injury.” Donal McNally, who spends his professional life simulating accidents to see how the human body reacts in various scenarios, found himself hit from behind whilst riding his bike in 2010. “I was phenomenally lucky from the moment the car hit my bike. It was a high energy impact,” he said. “It was the ultimate ironic injury. Strength of vertebrae and vertical fractures are two of the things I do a lot of,” he added. “Had my body had that extra bit of energy taken by the helmet it could have been much, much worse. “My GP says I am lucky to be alive.” McNally now encourages all cyclists to wear a helmet and bright clothing to help be seen. Katharine Amina Choonara, The driver of the vehicle that hit Professor McNally pleaded guilty to dangerous driving. She was disqualified from driving fro 18 months and was ordered to serve 150 hours community service.