Campaigners: Cycling accident numbers need urgent attention

A surge in avoidable cycling accidents, particularly those with lorries, demand urgent attention say cycling campaigners. Every month now, 230 cyclists are injured or killed on the crowded roads of Britain. The latest victim was 20 year old Paula Jurek who was crushed by a lorry turning across her path in London. Lorry drivers are being urged to have their vehicles fitted with sensors, which alert them if a cyclist pulls alongside them, and in some cases brings their vehicle to a halt if there is a risk of an accident. Julie Townsend from the  road safety group Brake, said: “Too many trucks pose an unacceptably high risk to people on foot and bicycle. We’re appealing to all operators to fit the latest technology to reduce blind spots and we’re calling for the law to be tightened up to help prevent more families going through the devastation of sudden, violent deaths and injuries.” To read more on the story please visit the Independent here.