Bicycle Hire in London

Many of us are taking to our bikes now that the lighter evening have (finally!) arrived. For those of us that can’t afford, or do not have the space to own a bike, hiring a bike may be a good option for you. As we all know London is the country’s capital, and the Barclays bike hire scheme means that you can travel around the city quickly and without causing any pollution. Whats more, its good for your health too! You don’t even have to book if you are in a hurry although it is advised if having a bike is important. Prices In order to hire a bicycle in London you have to pay an access charge, and then a cost for hiring the bike itself. Access costs start at £1 for 24hrs and you can then have the bicycle for up to 30mins free of charge. Any longer than that and you will have to pay an additional charge. For a full list of prices, please see the official website here. Late return and damage charges are steep so make sure you get the bike back to a station before your time runs out. Make sure that the light on the lock turns green, and this will mark the end of your journey. If they light has not turned green you will continue to be charged. For more information on bicycle hire in London, please visit the official website. Remember if you have been involved in a cycling accident recently and would like to take legal action please do not hesitate to contact Cycle Assist using our contact form here. *image sourced from official London Bicycle hire website.