Australian Government to encourage cycling by taxing drivers

Motorists in Australia could be made to pay tax on every kilometer that they drive as the federal Government sets out to double the number of cyclists on the road in 5 years. The National Urban Policy has vowed to make big changes to cycling figures. Currently just over 1.5% of people use a bicycle to get to work, however their plans are to increase this twofold by 2016. They will also monitor local authorities to ensure that enough is being done to encourage people to take to the saddle. “Proximity to work is the single major factor in determining whether a person will commute by bicycle or foot,” the policy states. “Placing a priority on non-car transportation systems and networks, such as public transport and active transport, is an important step.” In this latest crack down on carbon emissions, the government will also encourage people to commute in ‘greener’ vehicles, and plans to deliver a network of electric vehicles for commuters. Do you think the tax will work? Leave a comment and let us know.