The most annoying habits of cyclists that could cause an accident

Cycling with others is one of life’s great pleasures as a cyclist. Sharing the experience of riding along a smooth stretch of tarmac with nothing but good company and the wind rushing past you is what it’s all about.

Unfortunately, some cyclists are more fun to ride with than others. Being in the company of an irritating cyclist can not only ruin the tranquillity of your ride, it can be dangerous.

Here we highlight some of the more annoying habits that some cyclists and how they can potentially cause a cycling accident.

1. Whining

First up it’s whining. When you’re out with a group there’s usually always one rider who makes it feel like their world is collapsing with every turn of the wheel.

The weather is always either too hot or too cold, the roads are always terrible and it’s always someone else’s fault when they ride through a muddy puddle.

We’ve all met the type before.

Whilst it can be infuriating it can also be dangerous too. Having someone chatting to you incessantly can take your focus off the road ahead and could potentially lead to a very serious cycling accident.

Try to keep the fellow rider’s moaning to a minimum, either by telling them politely or picking up the pace to move further along the group to get away from the moaning.

2. The snot rocket

This is the most disgusting bad habit of any cyclist, rivalled only by spitting.

Blocking one nostril with your finger and spurting out a string of snot is one effective way to clear your nasal passages, but it’s also a great way to ensure you don’t make many friends on your ride.

A badly timed snot rocket can cause chaos amongst the riders behind the deluge, and potentially increase the risk of someone suffering an injury as a result of having to swerve out of the way.

If you need to clear your nasal passage, make sure you do it somewhere where you can make sure your fellow riders won’t be affected. Waiting at the traffic lights or when you’re stationary is always the best bet.

3. Litterbugs

Let’s be honest, there is no excuse for dropping litter. Chucking an old inner tube, gel wrapper or anything else on the side of the road is just plain wrong, not only that it creates unnecessary hazards for cyclists following on behind.

Gel wrappers and drinks bottles are particularly dangerous as they’re prone to getting stuck in the spokes of a bike’s wheel sending the rider head over heels.

To avoid creating a cycling accident, keep hold of your rubbish until you reach a bin, it won’t just prevent injuries, it’ll help save the planet too.

4. Taking selfies

Selfies have become engrained in modern society, but there’s a time and a place to smile at your phone and capture the perfect selfie and on your bike is not it.

It’s dangerous for the rider taking it, those around them and other road users too.

Save any selfie urges you have until you reach your next rest point, you’ll still be able to get a few pictures to remember your ride and you’ll have the added bonus of knowing you’re not putting anyone else in danger whilst doing so.

5. The know-it-all

Hot on the heels of the whining cyclist is the know-it-all. They talk too much and can make you feel inadequate and frustrated which can have a negative effect on your riding style.

Of course, it’s always good to get advice from a seasoned cyclist especially if they know the road you’re on well, but nobody likes a show-off.

Take the same tactics you would with the whining rider and either move up the group or let the other cyclist know when you’ve had enough.

6. The pothole police

Of course, pointing out genuine hazards and helping fellow riders out should always be encouraged, it could potentially save someone’s life.

However, there are some cyclists who take highlighting potholes and hazards a little too far.

Highlighting some leaves on the ground on a winter’s day is hardly going to be surprising to fellow cyclists and is unlikely to cause an accident, but shouting ‘watch out’ suddenly might.

Causing alarm when there is absolutely no need can lead to fellow cyclists swerving, slamming on the brakes and could potentially lead to a road traffic accident which could otherwise be avoided.

Don’t make the same mistakes as the pothole police, only highlight hazards that could truly cause damage to your fellow cyclists or their bikes, like a pothole or roadside debris.

7. The silent but deadly

No, we’re not talking about distasteful gusts of gas, we’re highlighting those riders who don’t point out any hazards even if they spot them.

These are just as dangerous as the cyclists that we mentioned in the previous point.

Denting your wheel or puncturing your tyre on an unseen chasm is all the more irritating given the fact it could have been avoided had the rider in front let you know it was coming up.

Help yourself and those around you to avoid an accident on your next ride by highlighting anything that could be a potential hazard.


Whilst some of the points highlighted may not be the most life-threatening, others certainly are.

Unfortunately, cycling accidents can occur at any time and so it’s always best to try and remain as safe as possible on your ride.

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